Services & treatments

On-Site Chair Massage (Seated Acupressure)
This type of massage is based on the traditional Japanese Acupressure technique called Amna.  It is similar to Acupuncture in concept, although instead of needles, I use arms, elbows, fingers, thumbs and forearms to improve energy flow and promote the healing response.

This is the most popular employee benefit.  It is easy to set up and no oils are used in this treatment and the client is fully clothed and supported by an ergonomically designed chair.

Massaging the muscles of the back, neck, shoulders and arms, relieves pain and fatigue while reducing irritability and increasing productivity.  This is an ideal way for the individual to relieve tension, relax and re-energise.

Treatment options:
20 minute appointments (15 minute massages)
30 minute appointments (25 minute massages)

Sports Massage


Full Body Massage (incorporating Swedish and Sports Massage)

Pregnancy Massage and Pregnancy Reflexology

Trigger Point Therapy

Indian Head Massage

Thai Foot Massage

Workstation Assessments (ROSPA)

Indian Head Massage

Baby Massage Instruction