Privacy Policy

This website is built using a WordPress CMS and a Colorib theme.
This website does not use cookies. I do not use any kind of analytics to monitor my website traffic.

Whether you are a client (or friend for that matter), I won’t share your personal details with anyone without first asking your permission.
I do not store personal information on this website currently. By default WordPress does not share any personal data with anyone.

I will keep your personal details to myself, I will not sell them to anyone. Any personal information I hold about any individual is confidential and will not be discussed with a third party unless I have written permission from you to contact your GP for example. Any personal paperwork I have is filed in my office at home, or on my computer. I will keep hold of your contact details so that I can do business with you now and in the future (I believe that is called a ‘legitimate business interest’). Should we get 10-years down the line and have not spoken or had any communication, I will delete your details and shred any paperwork I have about you.

Any other details I do have – usually email address and phone number, and work address are stored on my PC which is encrypted (which means no-one should be able to get at them if they hack me or steal my computer).

My phone is encrypted too.

I will usually drop you an email occasionally to inform you about massage or Reflexology dates I think you might be interested in to invite you to make an appointment with me if you wish. If you do make an appointment with me it is likely you will receive a confirmation email and then one or two reminders closer to the date, giving you the opportunity to change or cancel your appointment within my 24 hour cancellation policy or whatever my contractural agreement is with your company. I won’t ever bombard you with emails begging for work, I might send a group email (your email will be hidden) informing you of available appointments from time to time. If you wish to stop receiving emails from me at any time please notify me by email and I will remove you from my mailing list.

If for some reason you think I have some of your personal details and you want me to remove / return / delete them, just drop me an email and I’ll sort it out for you and send you a confirmation when done.