About me

What sets Rebecca Gray Therapy apart from others?

With over 15 years’ experience as a therapist I have the knowledge and expertise to identify which type of treatment would be the most beneficial for you at the time of treatment.  I have experience in many different disciplines and  am able to fuse treatments together in order to get the best results.

Individuals come to see me for treatments when they are suffering with specific conditions and want to use the treatment to complement medical treatment or to help them with specific symptoms and pain.  I see a variety of different conditions, injuries, stress and anxiety.   You do not need to have a specific injury or be in pain to come for a treatment as everyone benefits from treatments, some people simply would just like a break from their environment and want to feel relaxed and energised and more alert.

My aim is to promote the idea that prevention is better than cure.  I often see people who have waited until they are in immense pain and therefore have secondary injuries.  I like to encourage individuals to use massage and other therapies as part of their training programme to prevent injuries and aid performance.

We only have one body therefore we need to invest time in making our body and mind feel great in order to be in the best health we can be.